Collaborative Partnering – Why Community Websites “work”

I have had the privilege lately to work with a truly inspired local businesses colleague who is harnessing the power of social media to build what us old school types used to refer to as our “sphere of influence”.

This gifted marketer also happens to be an incredible portrait photographer and generous spirit who absolutely appreciates the value of economic growth through collaborative partnering. His name is Bryan Caporicci and I definitely recommend that you check out his BLOG to learn more about his business approach (and his philosophy of life in general).

Yesterday I followed one of Bryan’s tweets that lead me to view this wonderful U-Tube video link that explains social media using the analogy of various groups producing and selling different types of ice cream.

Social Media in plain English

Last night I dreamt about an ice cream buffet – how’s that for the power of suggestion or should I say consumer influence.

Here is what happened. 

I went to a large industrial warehouse that I had heard about because someone mentioned to me that I should check out the amazing renovation job that had been done on the building and the incredible variety of products that the owner was displaying inside. This person also told me to be sure to go to the ice cream section because the size of the selection would absolutely blow me away.

When I went inside I discovered that my friend was right. I had never seen so many different types of ice cream and not only that there were many, many types of sugar cones and waffle cones dipped in every type of nuts and chocolates and candies possible.

I chatted with the warehouse owner and complimented him on the excellent ice cream selection and his creative display. I commented to him that I thought he was brave to take such a big risk setting up in a location where people may not expect to find ice cream.

He explained to me that he had no doubt that once people found out about his ice cream they would tell all their friends about it and they would all keep coming back. He then drew my attention to all the other sections that he had set up.

I was astounded to see more books that I thought possible and a tropical fruit bar that was featuring hundreds of types of mangoes. (An aside- my husband and I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica where it happens to be mango season 🙂 )

Don’t you see, he explained, I try and have as much of everything as possible so that the people who like ice cream will come back to find out more about my mangoes. Booklovers will tell all their fellow book club members about the ice cream and mangoes too.

That is why I am going to keep adding as many sections as possible so that everyone can keep coming back and find everything that they need.

Aha! I said to myself. I too operate a warehouse. It is a community website called

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