Support Local Economic Growth through Social Media

One of the primary goals of professional REALTORS® is to provide our clients with the most thorough information possible when it comes to finding a place to live. Each and every day we promote the value of our vibrant Niagara lifestyle and highlight the features of our various local communities.

With the majority of consumers now utilizing the internet as their primary resource for researching future home destinations on-line media is a critical resource in supporting the potential for economic growth.

There is another emerging trend that cannot be overlooked. Internet environments are becoming increasingly interactive and social.

Consumers are interested in learning more about the “context” of the products or places they are exploring. They want to learn about what other purchasers have to say about the product or service provider. They want to engage in on-line conversations and get to know more about the people they will be buying from before they will commit to a face to face meeting.

And, oh yes, don’t forget that they want the information now and it better be up-to-date!

It is no wonder that social media communities such as Facebook are expanding exponentially. Before you dismiss this statement saying that “Facebook is for high school kids” you should know that Facebook reported a 276% growth in use by 35-54 year olds during the last six months.

The beauty of social media marketing is that it is an extension of the relationship style of networking that those of us who live in a small town take for granted everyday. The accessibility of the internet also gives us the opportunity to connect readily with not only our clients but also other business owners so we can collaboratively highlight what we have on a global stage.

Never before have we had a greater opportunity to link our community within the larger exposure available in the regional environment of Niagara. Twitter, for example, is another excellent social media marketing tool that effectively allows us to toot our horn (or “tweet’ as they say) about all the reasons to come live or visit in Pelham.

If your head isn’t spinning yet let me tell you about the potential for the GPS based mobile platform called “Foursquare” to put all our specialty businesses and attractions on the world map….

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