Green Home Products that Conserve Water & Save You Money!

Water conservation is fast becoming a hot topic at Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment. This past week the Ministry proposed that all toilets sold in the province must use no more than six litres of water per flush. According to the Ministry of Environment this proposed measure would promote conservation and lower household water bills for Ontario families.

Presently, toilet flushing accounts for 30 per cent of in-home water use.  Replacing a 13 litre per flush toilet with a more efficient six litre or less model is projected to save an average household about 35,000 litres of water a year.

I must personally thank, Pelham businessman Ali Jamil,  for keeping me current with respect to emerging new water conservation technologies. Ali hails originally from the Middle East and being an Electrical Engineer by trade he is particularly conversant on the topic of Green home product solutions.  

Recently, he became a the local authorized dealer for BRAC Greywater Recycling Systems, an internationally patented system that recycles the greywater from the shower, bath and laundry, filters it, and reuses the water for the toilet tank. Using this solution the average household can save approximately one third of their water consumption.

Take the time to learn more by dropping in and chatting with Ali at the Aqueduct Water Solutions Centre at the Big Bee Convenience Store located on Pelham St. in downtown Fonthill.

Not only does reduced water consumption mean lower water bills it also contributes to improving our global environment.  As per a recent study, UNESCO has predicted that by 2020 water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem.


  • Ontarians currently use about 260 litres of water per capita per day, nearly twice as much as other countries with similar standards of living such as Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
  • Pumping and distributing water to homes and businesses and treating water and wastewater makes up one-third to one-half of a city’s total electrical use – double that of street lighting.
  • The Building Code recently eliminated exemptions allowing installation of toilets using more than six litres per flush in renovations.

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