MOKUS Restaurant of Fonthill – My Dinner in Pictures!

There’s a new menu in Town and the taste du jour is Hawaiian.
It is so much fun to discover a new cuisine that I created some photo cards to commemorate my first meal at MOKUS Restaurant of Fonthill.
The cuisine of Hawaii is a fusion of many foods brought by immigrants to the Hawaiian Islands, particularly American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Mexican, Korean, Polynesian and Portuguese origins. The flavours are diverse and the selections on MOKUS menu are extensive.

Here’s a picture tour of my dining adventure!

(…and just so you know the first three courses were shared with friends – I didn’t eat ALL of this 🙂


The atmosphere at MOKUS is exotic and exciting as the culture that inspired it. The interior design is the creative work of local designer, Brian Burgess. There are still a few more elements to be installed and we can’t wait to come back to see the final result!


Mokus Restaurant of Fonthill
1440 Pelham Street
Fonthill, ON
L0S 1E0
Gary Stickles




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