Real Estate Industry

HST is a Political Hot Potato

Recently I served as a Niagara Association of REALTORS® delegate at the annual Ontario Political Affairs Conference of the Ontario Real Estate Association. During the course of three day conference held in Toronto, attendees were addressed by two leaders of… Read More ›

Shortage of Listings

Springtime is Pelham is certainly a magnificent sight to behold. Cherry blossoms iridescent in the glow of the pre-summer sun while the scent of lilacs wafts through our windows, now open, erasing the stale reminiscence of a long, dark winter…. Read More ›

Real Estate Taxation is a Shell Game

The real estate market, whether it is through development charges, market value assessment rates, land transfer taxes, capital gains taxation or broader application of provincial sales tax rates, has become an easy target for ever increasing varieties of tax applications…. Read More ›

How Bad is the Real Estate Market?

In contrast to last year’s messages of credulous delight, consumers this Fall have been served a steady media diet of plummeting sales, building booms screeching to a halt, never ending market freefalls and global economic meltdown. Is the market bad or just down? You decide.