Tell Us Why You Love Living in the Pelham, Niagara Area!

Pelham why do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love the fact that even though I once forgot my keys in my car in the driveway overnight, it was still there in the morning.

Whenever I have told this story to my real estate clients who are accustomed to the culture of more urbanized areas they have all responded by looking at me in a way that makes me feel a bit like a cross between Pippi Longstocking and Anne of Green Gables. Of course, now that I have made this public confession I will be certain to never tempt my fate that way again.

I am certain that we all have similar experiences that highlight the joys of living in our small town environment – whether it be neighbourhood backyard barbeques where everyone knows each other’s names (and in some cases – those of each other’s ancestors) or the fact that Canada Day in Pelham is our biggest community social event of the year.

I love living in such close proximity to astonishing vistas and bountiful harvests. I love that we have traffic jams along our country roads during pumpkin season and maple syrup in February and March keeps my winter blues at bay.

My calendar contains a veritable cornucopia of activities, events and festivals organized by Niagara’s army of community-minded volunteers.

Politically speaking, it charms by underdog heart to claim allegiance to Pelham, the Switzerland of Niagara. The vast majority of our population commutes to participate in the economies of all of Niagara’s political epicenters and returns home daily to the relative neutrality of our Pelham neighbourhood.

There are so many reasons why Pelhamites choose to live in our small but mighty municipality. I invite you to visit me on-line to share your Pelham, Niagara love stories. Better yet – pull me aside and tell me next time we see each other at Sobey’s!


Article written by Cathy Berkhout-Bosse; As published in October 22, 2010 Pelham News


We invite you to share your local love stories by adding your comments to this article.

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