Thinking Hyundai? Yah Just Gotta Call Steve Ryan!

Image 1During the past year John and I both became proud owners of Hyundai vehicles both purchased from an exceptional sales representative, Steve Ryan of Performance Hyundai in St. Catharines.

With a little over a year under his belt in sales and  several years of experience in vehicle maintenance Steve sure knows his way around under the hood of a car. More importantly, however, he makes the car buying experience a relaxing, information gathering process minus all the dealership head games of bidding for deals.IMG_1909

Between John’s purchase of his Tuscon and my Elantra we are now saving more than $400 per month with the lower ticket price of our vehicles and the incredible mileage we are getting from both vehicles. I often joke that I sometimes forget that I have a gas tank because there’s now so many more days between fill ups for me.

While we worked together to determine the best vehicle choice and financing arrangements Steve, John and I became friends. We exchanged ideas about sales techniques, the joys and frustrations of being self-employed commission-based workers and the value of social marketing in each of our industries.

This summer when Steve decided it was time to purchase his first home we were honoured to assist him as his Realtors. Last week we had the pleasure of visiting with Steve at his new home in St. Catharines. Again the conversation flowed around the topic of building a sales career and any tips that John and I as veteran sales agents could provide to the emerging new generation of up and coming sales professionals like Steve.

It may seem obvious that there is nothing more valuable than the recommendation of a happy customer but a light bulb still went off in my head. Here I am blogging  away on-line everyday and I feel that I have never provided Steve with the testimonial that he deserves.

ImageHopefully this SHOUT OUT today makes up for that.

& wouldn’t you know it I went to the Performance Hyundai website and there happens to be a sale happening this weekend!

P.S. Special thanks also to our Financial Advisor, Peter McConnell  of TD Waterhouse who referred us to Steve in the first place. (John and Peter now own the exact same vehicles) 🙂


Performance Hyundai

342 Ontario Street

Call: 1 (888) 290-3156

Be sure to ask for Steve !

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